Canik METE SFT Pro Black 9mm



  • Single movement 90° polymer Straight Trigger
  • Chrome-plated corrugated silencer compatible barrel
  • Walk straight and tritium shallot
  • Case plug-in mass (HFL) feature
  • Easy-to-remove body pins
  • New design, extra comfortable, improved beavertail
  • Self-magazine funnel body design
  • Angled travel edge for one-handed one-handed installation of the lid in case of emergency
  • Can be used with Gez optical bearing
  • Cover compatible with Trijicon RMRcc and all micro optics
  • Double-sided and low profile, easy-to-remove sliding holder
  • Aggressive new grip knurles
  • MIL-STD 1913 Pikatini rail
  • Bullet ratchet
  • Reversible magazine lock
  • Quick magazine filler,Magazine funnel, extra rear grip,two optical interfaces, duplex case (Inner and outer Sleeve), Canik stapler and Canik Tool box, cleaning kit


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