Canik SFX Rival Grey Polymer 9mmP



  • Full-length polymer body with easy-to-remove fiber additive
  • Fiber Stye
  • Adjustable Navigation
  • Needle Board Indicator
  • Low Profile Easy Detachable Sliding Latch
  • Pistol Case ‘Plug and Kit’ Slot
  • Self Magazine Funnel Body
  • +0 Magazine Bottom Cover
  • Reversible Extension Magazine Lock (S-M-L)
  • Duplex Slider Holder
  • MIL-STD-1913 Picatini Ray
  • Magazine funnel matching rear grip (3 sizes)
  • Lightweighted 90° Diamond Cut Aluminum Straight Trigger
  • Sporty Magazine Funnel


  • CANiK Toolbox
  • CANiK Stapler
  • Spare Magazine
  • Serrated Trigger Railing
  • Duplex Sleeve
  • Magazine Compressor
  • Cleaning Kit


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